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Gary Woodard, Principal


B.S., Chemistry, University of Michigan (1976)

M.P.P., Public Policy, Ford School, University of Michigan (1981)

J.D., Law, University of Michigan (1981)

Gary Woodard has nearly 40 years of experience as both a consultant and a researcher at the University of Arizona. He specializes in integrating economic and technical analysis with water resources issues, providing a critical bridge that is often missing from policy decisions.

He applies his “toolkit” — econometric modeling, benefit-cost analysis, policy analysis, survey techniques, remote sensing, field instrumentation, and legal analysis — to projects that involve modeling municipal water demand, evaluating water portfolios, examining rates, performing water efficiency audits, teaching water harvesting workshops, and assessing water conservation programs.

Water Resources Consulting’s clients include cities, water companies, water wholesalers, tribes, developers, water regulators, conservation groups and other not-for-profits. Woodard is frequently invited to speak about patterns and trends in municipal water demand and has served as an expert witness on this and other subjects.

Woodard is also managing partner of Monsoon Metrics, makers of MagneFlow water meter loggers.